Social Event

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Price (tour and dinner): €70 per person


Enjoy the panoramic tour of the most interesting sights that Lisbon has to offer.

We will start from the eastern part of Lisbon, where we will visit the former exhibition site of the Expo 98, the most modern quarter of the city, and see the Vasco da Gama bridge.




Driving alongside the river Tagus, we will follow to Lisbon Downtown. You will get to know the oldest quarters that tell us stories of traditions, festivities and the Golden Age of the Discoveries.


praça comércio









In the Downtown quarter, you will see how Lisbon raised up from the terrible destruction by the earthquake in 1755. We will pass by the monumental Commerce Square down by the river, which is the biggest square of Europe.

Afterwards, we will reach one of Lisbon’s noble areas, Belém quarter, from where Vasco da Gama departured to his discovery of the seaway to India. You will be able to enjoy the view to the major monuments from the 16th century: the Jerónimos Monastery (photo stop), the Tower of Belém (photo stop) and the Monument of the Discoveries (photo stop).












In the time of the Discoveries, Lisbon was ‘the’ trade city of Europe. And with the gold and spices brought by Vasco da Gama, after the discovery of the sea route to India in 1498, King Manuel gave order to built the most beautiful Jerónimos Monastery and Tower of Belem. Both are symbols of the glorious time of the Portuguese history of the discoveries.

The monument of the discoveries nearby is built in honor of the people that made the discoveries possible.














If you need to restore the energy, you will be able to taste the famous custard tarts of Lisbon (optional), the original ones from ‘Pastéis de Belém’!

To end this magnificent visit, we will return to Commerce Square, where is located the restaurant ” Museu da Cerveja” where you will enjoy the typical Portuguese gastronomy.

After dinner, we will return to the hotel.